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At Friends Farm, we’re not just cultivating crops. We’re nurturing communities and fostering connections that sustain both people and the planet. 

Step into a world where education, regenerative living, and celebration harmonize.

Where every seed we plant grows into a stronger, more vibrant community.




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At Friends Farm, food is a celebration and an opportunity to connect and bring people together. Our farm isn’t just a place to grow food; we are committed to biodynamic farming that supports the land and the people. We offer CSA and U-Pick programs as well as a farm stand with herbs, pickles, tinctures and other goodies.
Together we’re building a system that works on multiple scales at once to create a regenerative food future that is integrated with community resilience. Our culture is one of mutual cooperation with the intention of having it benefit a greater ecosystem. With your participation we can give back to the community while you earn free classes, food and more.
Join us on a journey of discovery. Our classes delve into the art of foraging, the wisdom of ecology, the magic of permaculture, and the serenity of holistic health and mindfulness. Here, knowledge isn’t just power—it’s the key to a deeper connection with the Earth. Learn from experienced teachers who are passionate about nurturing not just minds, but souls.

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Seasonal Herbal Remedies

Seasonal Herbal Remedies

Join Friends Farm and medical herbalist Lauren Nichols to discover the enchanting world of aromatic herbs hands-on.


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